2018 was a busy year for our developers

Improved mobile app, now with tasks, peripherals, and broadcast
Work on your infrastructure from your P9 Remote Manager App, anywhere, anytime

Match specific antivirus vendor
You paid for an antivirus solution and only that is to be used

Connected to the wrong wifi network?
Stay secure and know you’re on the right wifi network

We moved from AWS to GCP
Everything will become more responsive, shorter development cycles, improved security

MSP’s enhanced customization:
Now you can disable menu items, change menu text, and change the text to any language

Reminders – avoid missing critical issues
New Notification option allows you to get repeated reminders when an issue isn’t resolved

Configuration tool: P9 Agent can be added to a given client Dashboard
MSP’s can configure which client Dashboard a P9 Agent should belong to

The whole enchilada of the things we worked on in 2018:


Better control of group and user assigning in Zendesk tickets
Control tray icon/status bar settings from MSP templates
API: Download remote control binaries
Check mail domain at sign up to avoid duplicate signups
Only allow existing devices in Patching and Monitor tag lists
Machine alias available in Exclude device list and autocomplete dropdown
Machine alias available under Issues (expandable device list)
Explicitly disallow sign ups from US export banned countries
API: Add Location header after creation of entities
API: Ability to create broadcast message
Improved network traffic on machine details page, now displays bytes
API: Manage IP ranges
Show Windows version number (e.g. 1803)
View list of suspended devices, including start and end of suspend interval
Edit/Rename MSP clients (not just alias)
Added Desk.com to MSP templates
Issue will be generated if a disallowed AV product is installed
P9 Connect settings are now available in MSP templates
Vastly improved Two Factor process
Added option for SMS recovery
Better suspend notifications handling between MSP Control Panel and dashboard
Updated clients trial status (MSP)
Display more network information for computers and servers
API: Expose Help messages from users
A series of textual changes and improvements
Improved filtering on Task list page
Increased size of logo in Reports (MSP)
Manually add license keys to devices
Configurable P9 Agent
Subscription page shows if payment has failed
Improved the algorithm handling deleted users
Migrated Panorama9 back-end from AWS to GCP
Automatically send email if payment fails
Task failures will be detected as an availability issues
Global script repository for MSP
Replaced deprecated Geo IP service
Better tasks list with more filtering
Wifi AP info from Linux agent
Warranty – notification can be sent 30 days ahead of warranty expiration
Using inline SVG for remote tool widget
Skip creating issues if Software patch monitor is turned off
Save SSID, BSSID, Auth and Signal Strength for wifi network adapters
API: Binary support for remote control download
Updated Stripe synchronization
Added distributor tag on signup
Tools drop down menu improvements
API: Suspend notifications endpoints are now named more to the point
Updated P9 configuration tool – link to asset
Improved check for added machines to a Task
Updated Alias name availability
Improved validation of Groups
MSP added extension options under Templates
Improved how we handle when a new payment card is entered
API: Updated support for Tasks
API: Allow issue to be marked as resolved
Suspend notifications for device(s) from the dashboard
API: Custom issue – add field Description
Improved View filters
Suppress restart when user is logged in
Display all available information on devices connected to switch port


Drop explicit UTF8 encoding
Java version not set
Exclude Services – Exclude not working spaces or nordic characters
False positives under Thresholds – P2P file sharing applications
Assorted textual changes
Footer for empty lists
Percentage value in Reports
Expired trial for MSP clients showing
Identical emails sent upon trial expiration
Tasks filtering
Suspend notifications between MSP client and specific device
Device duplication in reports
Distributor reports clear cache
WUA on Windows Server 2016
Apply filter only on machines list
Colors in Reports pie chart
NAS usage graph margin
Filters after reloading page
View filter on Users page
Auditing in account site
Back button – Tasks
P9 Connect deactivation
Tasks – Duplicate – Save
P9 agent build
API: plurality inconsistency
MSP User type/role set to be on the right side
Using Broadcast when session expired
API: device returns with null as device type for storage types
Styling under Remote tools

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