5 Things Duke Nukem Can Teach MSPs

This post is for the gamers. The original Duke Nukem, one of the most popular and well-known games in the world, was a favorite for many, including us. Read along – and chew bubblegum!

Duke Nukem ready to give MSPs a lessonsBut it’s true that the bigger you are, the harder you can fall, which the game franchise demonstrated when its sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, 15 years in the making, was a huge flop. If only they had followed the success of the earlier formula! Don’t make that same mistake. Duke Nukem (the original, of course) can teach MSPs a thing or two about network administrations – everything from how to stay productive to being more goal-oriented.

Here are five things Duke Nukem can teach MSPs in particular:

1. Work in short bursts

Like Duke Nukem, your Jetpack can only burst for short distances – working in short bursts and taking breaks to refresh will increase productivity. It’ll make you more focused, efficient and positive about your work.

In fact, a survey conducted last year by the social networking company Draugiem Group found that 10 per cent of its most productive employees worked average of 52 minutes before taking 17-minute breaks.

2. Stay focused on outcomes

Remember that your mission is to defeat Dr. Proton… err, stop an alien invasion… we mean, make your clients’ businesses more efficient and productive! Make a list of your clients’ most important objectives (e.g. employee/customer satisfaction, uptime, worker efficiency, etc) and then make sure you’re spending the bulk of your time delivering on those goals.

3. Check your inventory frequently

Be sure to bring enough “bubblegum” or whatever else is key to your workflow (unlike Duke, who is always running out of it). Make sure to check inventory so you never run out of key items you need to move your clients’ business forward.

4. Figure out your “mighty foot”

Duke Nukem’s big move is the mighty foot. What’s your most valuable slam dunk capability?

Keep it in your arsenal ready to use when you want to particularly wow a client, and make sure to highlight it as a selling point to your clients. Whether it’s your ability to negotiate great vendor rates for your customers or a nose for great new life-changing technologies, find your secret sauce.

5. Pay attention to the details

Like any early video game where you get severely punished for even the slightest errant mouse click or arrow key (Prince of Persia, anyone?), little things matter. Don’t shirk the details. Be painstaking in your approach to level up your business faster.
And pay attention to the details.

Now that’s probably the first time Duke Nukem gave you a business advice. Comments are open for additional thoughts and tips – come get some!

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