Growing MSP Business? How to Attract and Retain the Best IT Talent

From live-in masseuses to laundry services, tech companies are in an arms race for attracting top-tier engineers. But if you lack the resources to offer these lavish perks, all hope is not lost. Many engineers care more about the ethos of a company and the learning experiences and growth opportunities a job offers them than whether they’re treated like royalty. Here are a few factors that any company can take into consideration to attract top IT talent in your growing MSP Business.

1. Work-life balance

How can you attract talent in your growing MSP business?Several studies have shown that companies with fewer work hours attract top talent, and 64% of people worldwide say work-life balance would cause them to choose one job over another. And as an added bonus, employees who work for 40 hours or less are more productive, happier, and more engaged.

2. Sense of community

Since software development is often a team sport, it’s important for members of your IT team to be comfortable working together. Many companies implement all-hands meetings, group chat rooms, team trips, happy hours, and other company initiatives to achieve this, but the first step is cultivating a team of people with social as well as technical skills. Screening every candidate for culture fit will improve office morale and help you recruit more candidates who want to be part of a dynamic, enthusiastic group.

3. Streamlined operations

Engineers tend to detest all things illogical, and unfortunately, illogic characterizes many bureaucratic processes within larger companies, like endless meetings to accomplish relatively simple goals, excessive forms to fill out, and difficulties reaching top executives. Instead of running your company the old-fashioned way, make your company as tech-savvy as its employees by taking advantage of all the software from outside vendors available to digitize processes like payroll, contracts, and group messaging.

4. Career development

Jobseekers often look for a company where they can see themselves for years — usually without spending years in the same position. 62% of people say that opportunities for advancement could make or break a job decision. Whether an engineer is looking to become a manager or just a fantastic individual contributor, they don’t want to feel like just another cog in the machine. Providing them with mentors and challenging them with new tasks will keep them on their toes, excited to further their own growth as well as the company’s.

5. Transparency

Regular updates about the company’s progress let your employees know that their work has a positive impact on the rest of the company and its customers. Furthermore, when employees are entrusted with information about the company’s finances, organizational changes, and other updates, new candidates know they’re entering an atmosphere where they feel valued. Getting everybody on top of what is going on is key to any growing MSP business.

6. Flat organizational structure

While maintaining enough hierarchy to make it clear where decisions lie and give employees potential promotions to shoot for, your organization can still ensure that engineers at all different stages in the hierarchy feel valued by seeking their input and giving them projects or tasks to own. The best managers are the ones who, rather than answering an employee’s question immediately, first ask, “What do you think?” Engineers will join and stay loyal to companies where they are respected and pushed to assume increasing responsibility.

Many of these advantages are not concrete perks but contributors to a company’s reputation, which can be a deciding factor in job choices — because candidates and employees alike can sense when they’re in a positive environment.

How does your company attract and retain top IT talent, as your MSP business is growing? Let us know if we left anything out.

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