How Automated RMM Tools Can Help You Make Money

It used to be the case where businesses relied solely on their sales teams to drive revenue and make their company profitable. However, as businesses and business leaders become more intelligent and aware of what drives revenue, they are coming to the conclusion that other departments – not just sales – can make money. Department leaders are now tasked with driving revenue and showing a return on investment for the programs and tools they are investing time and money in. So does more and more MSPs.

Think forward – update your toolbox

What separates the good leaders from the great ones are that they are always examining forward-thinking, simplistic technologies that provide value and save their employees time – especially when it comes to managing and monitoring your IT environment. Many IT Service Providers, IT Administrators, and IT Supporters rely on automated RMM tools to help them do their jobs more effectively, but few are aware of ways in which RMM tools can actually drive revenue.

Let’s take a look at two ways in which an RMM tool can help you make money.

Handling Multiple Clients At The Same Time

with the right rmm tools your workplace may look like thisToo often, IT teams can only focus on the issue or issues of one client, leaving their other clients feeling as though they are not their “top priority”. This can lead to unhappy clients, which can lead to fewer clients, which leads to unhappy executives… you get the picture.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily manage multiple clients at the same time, and give them all the same amount of attention they deserve?

That’s where Panorama9 comes into play. Panorama9 believes in agent-based installations, which benefits their customers by being able to monitor computers/servers not just on the internal network, but from home or on the road as well. Tie that into the tools’ ability to choose specific default settings. Now you have an automated RMM tool that caters to the needs of your customers whenever they need you, wherever you are, in a timely and efficient manner.

By having the ability to monitor and manage multiple clients more efficiently, you can grow your customer base without having to add more internal resources;

more contracts + less overhead = more money for your business!

RMM Tools Automates Trivial Tasks

How many hours has your team spent working on tasks that can – and should – be automated? Think of all the time and money wasted. Now think of all the time you can save and money you can make by simply adding an automated tool to your employees arsenal.

When choosing RMM tools, make sure that the interface is easy to use and it comes with a robust list of features. With a combination of remote control, patch management, asset management, and alerting features, your IT team can set specific defaults for each feature. If you are in a MSP business, look for a platform where everything works on a per-client basis as well.

What does this mean for your bottom-line? The less time your employees work on trivial tasks, the more time they have to invest in ways to better serve your customers, work on internal projects, and think about how to improve upon what they are already doing;

more time + focused employees = more money for your business!

It’s no secret – automated IT programs and tools can help you make money in a number of different ways. While there are many RMM tools available for IT teams to implement in their day-to-day operations, it’s important to choose a tool that will allow you to set yourself apart from your competition.

You are more than welcome to take a test drive on Panorama9 to see if our RMM tools can help you make more money.

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