Secure screensaver policy – Best practices using MS ActiveDirectory

If walking up to each and every machine in your network and do the required screensaver configuration isn’t an option, then using MS ActiveDirectory is perhaps a better solution. Through a MS ActiveDirectory Group Policy you can in one blow configure all the machines in your network. Here’s how to do that and ensure a […]

How Panorama9 ensures that your IT environment is online

Your IT environment consists of numerous different devices and systems where some are more business critical than others. Ensuring that all and everything is running is a constant battle you must handle. Managing a changing IT landscape where devices and services are being decommissioned and new implemented on a daily basis requires a monitoring system […]

The IT Administrator’s Guide to Disaster Recovery

We don’t always get around to doing those things we know are good for us… whether it’s exercise, getting enough sleep, taking that holiday, or eating healthy. The same thing goes for emergency planning and things like creating a disaster recovery plan if you’re an IT administrator. We know that our business needs one, but […]

BYOD security issues – 5 easy ways to deal with them

When companies let employees use their own devices for work, they benefit from a more engaged workforce. The flexibility makes the organization a more attractive place to work, particularly among Gen Y and Gen X workers. Perhaps most importantly, when employees can check in from their own devices, they will be more productive and connected […]

Flame malware – How to get rid of it

Flame malware related threat

The malware “Flame” continues to grab news-media headlines. As always it’s close to impossible to know if it’s media hysteria and antivirus vendors trying to scare you or something you as an administration must take serious. But how bad is the Flame malware and which warning signs should you look out for? Here’s our guide […]