An Apple a day – A guide to Automatic Software Deployment on MacOS

An Apple a Day - guide to automatic software deployment on MacOS

Most businesses provide computers to their employees that run on the Windows OS. Therefore, most IT monitoring and management companies only provide automatic deployment and removal of software tools for Windows. Think about it this way – you wouldn’t weatherproof 80% of your home and leave the other 20% vulnerable to inclement weather, would you? […]

What is remote patch management?

Remote patch management

You know about security patches and you probably remember Microsoft triggering a massive number of complaints when computers were running slow on “patch Tuesdays.” Luckily, patching is less disturbing for users today as patching is managed remotely. But, what is remote patch management really? And, what aspects does this approach cover? You’ll find the details […]

Don’t Let Replay Attacks De-rail You – All You Need to Know About Replay Attacks

Is your protection fro replay attacks in place?

If you’re developing an web application using authentication or your business uses such a service, you need to be aware of the possible threat of a Replay attack. In Replay attacks, a valid data transmission will be repeated or altered maliciously, which will expose your data to possible theft and corruption. Definitely not something that […]

Patch Management Best Practices

Patch management best practive - antivirus example

Any IT professional understands just how critical patch management can be to a business, regardless of whether it’s a small start-up or a Fortune 500 company. While many IT teams have patch management processes and procedures in place, there are still a large number of teams that are not utilizing their patch management system the […]