Corporate IT Network Trends – 5 Changes You Will Be Surprised to Learn About

The average corporate IT network is ever changing. Stronger, faster and better devices, servers and OSs replace old versions, but where is the fastest movement taking place? We dived into the data to find some major trends in corporate IT networks that may surprise you.

Earlier this year we announced the new Business Computer Network Comparison Chart. We created a nice graphical overview of what kinds of servers, workstations, OSs and more are the most widely used out there.

We actually ran the same exercise last year. By comparing the infographics, you’ll see some interesting changes in how the average corporate IT network is evolving.

Here are 5 corporate IT network trends that really stand out.

1. Windows 10 has not saved Microsoft – yet

Talking about an OS is almost a religious topic. During 2015, there was a lot of talk about the highly anticipated Windows 10. Could it help Microsoft get back in the game and regain users who, in disbelief, had converted to Apple? We’ve seen quite a few stories like this from The Wall Street Journal, in which former PC users have returned home.

However, data from our research shows another picture: Dell, HP and Lenovo are pretty stable as the top three computer brands. Apple is in fourth position – just like last year – but its overall share has jumped from 8% to 11%. And only 5% of all workstations running Windows have Windows 10 installed.

Windows versions - corporate it network

Perhaps Microsoft arrived too late at the party this time?

2. Every second printer in the office is an HP

It’s not surprising that HP is the most common printer brand out there. But the fact that almost every second printer is from HP is interesting. HP jumped from 41% in 2015 to 48% this year. In the meantime that well-known provider, Canon, is listed under “others” with less than a 5% presence in the average Corporate IT Network.

Who would have guessed this just 5 years ago?

3. Cloud killed the NAS star

In 2015, NASs were very uncommon in machine parks. This year they have as good as vanished. Easy-to-use and flexible cloud-based storage solutions have wiped out the NAS. This is a good indication that the early-stage fear of placing documents on unidentifiable servers is no longer there.

Hail to the managed services model!

4. VMware and Microsoft are more common in the rack

Looking at the brands in the server rack, you will find one main change. The smaller manufacturers are less common this year, whereas the grand old providers – VMware and Microsoft – are going in the other direction. In 2015, these two manufacturers combined accounted for 59% of all servers; this year it jumped to 66%.

5. Windows Vista is finally extinct in the corporate IT network

We counted so few machines running Windows Vista that it didn’t make it onto the chart. There’s not much to say about that other than: “phew…”

Lots of interesting things have been happening. Anything that surprises you in particular? Feel free to add a comment.

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