An Apple a day – A guide to Automatic Software Deployment on MacOS

Most businesses provide computers to their employees that run on the Windows OS. Therefore, most IT monitoring and management companies only provide automatic deployment and removal of software tools for Windows. Think about it this way – you wouldn’t weatherproof 80% of your home and leave the other 20% vulnerable to inclement weather, would you? And with the shift in the number of companies over the past few years moving away from providing their employees with Windows OS computers and providing them with Macs instead, you need to make sure every square inch of your house (system) is prepared for any type of weather (hackers).

Let’s face it – Macs run smoother, are becoming more affordable, and allow users to work more efficiently whether they are working remotely or in the office. While there are more and more Macs in each office around the globe, they are unfortunately often overlooked and forgotten about by system administrators, simply because they are more familiar with Windows OS. They are also overlooked because some system admins believe they are not nearly as vulnerable as a Windows OS – that is not true however.

Automatic Software Deployment on Mac doesn’t have to be tricky

That being said, the availability of companies that provide Mac support (in terms of patch deployment and software removal) are few and far between. And the ones that specialize in those services for Macs specifically, are expensive. So what if we told you there was a tool that allowed you to not only deploys updates to computers with Windows OS, but to Macs as well? That’s where Panorama9 comes into play – we call it Tasks.

With Tasks, you can install or uninstall software or applications on computers – Macs, Windows, desktops and servers. So here’s your guide to automatic software deployment on MacOS:

Install an application – Panorama9 provides you with a long list of RMM tools and applications you can choose to install. You can pick the application, time, date, and platform in which you want to install each specific app. If you don’t see the application on the list provided, don’t worry. The P9 Agent supports brew cast packages so you can find the right application you’re looking to install.

Install application with tasks

Uninstall an application – Any unwanted software can easily be uninstalled on multiple devices at once across your network or on a specific device as well. Like Windows, these uninstall processes require a reboot before the process can be completed.

Uninstall application with Tasks
Run a script – By adding a script to the Tasks scrip repository, you can write code in any of the supported scripting languages. Once a script has been saved to the repository, you can create a new Task and select it so you can schedule that specific script and set to run on one more multiple devices.
Scripts repository for automatic software development on MacOS

Result of execution – Once the Task has been completed, you can see the results through the P9 Dashboard (just as you would if you were to do this for a Windows OS computer). Each device will be listed so you can be certain the Task has been completed.
Run script - result of execution

You no longer have to worry about all the Macs at your business being left out on important updates or installments. You can treat Mac users the same as you would Window OS users, and they will be none-the-wiser. Leaving a portion of your computers susceptible is no longer an issue. Like we said earlier – you wouldn’t weatherproof 80% of your home and leave the other 20% vulnerable to inclement weather, would you? So why would you do that with your update deployments?

If you want to test how the other 20% of your it-environment can be weatherproof, you are welcome to test drive Panorama9 for free. No strings attached.

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