Introducing Custom Issues

It’s our mission to detect problems with our users’ devices before they even notice them, let alone need to report them, so that our MSP clients can respond to their own clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. But sometimes, we miss something, or our customers are looking out for problems that our dashboard doesn’t detect. Enter, Custom Issues.

Panorama9 can now take customized issues from devices with problems we don’t normally look for. As of now, you can record any issue under the sun on our dashboard (okay, not anything, but if it’s related to the devices we manage, we’ve got you). We’ll tackle the notifications, help-desk ticket management, reports, and everything else we typically handle, so all you need to do is let us know something’s wrong.

Custom issues help you get more out of your monitoring toolsWe created this feature after seeing more and more of our clients adopt KIOSK hardware. If a client has a range of KIOSK hardware in different stores showing their customers the newest deals on goods, for example, they can now be notified if the software running this information crashes or doesn’t get updated correctly with the newest details. You can monitor this information just by creating a small script that tracks the hardware and software on these devices. If there is a problem, your script should call the P9 command line utility to push the issue directly to the Panorama9 backend, where our system will create the necessary text-message or email alerts.

We’ve also seen growing demand from our clients to monitor specific issues on Windows, OS X, and Linux, such as RAID solutions, specific backup software, and connectivity to different types of cloud solutions. The Custom Issue feature even let one of our clients create his own monitor engine to monitor every thinkable scenario.

We understand that each of our customers has different needs and hope this new addition will help us provide the solution that best suits you. Check out our support site – manually creating issues for more information on the different types of custom issues, how you can bring each to our attention, and how the process works. And, as always, feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions at We hope you’ll enjoy using our dashboard in a way that’s more personalized to you.

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