Top 5 Things You Need To Know in IT News from August

August was quite the month, and with news flying across our news feeds, inboxes, and phones it is a struggle if not near impossible to catch every story, especially when we are enjoying our vacations! We at Panorama9 want to make your life that much easier by posting the top 5 stories that we found to be most useful this last month. Let us know what you think of our picks. Catch any better ones this month? Let’s get the conversation rolling!

1. Windows 10: Changing the Apple vs. Microsoft Dynamic posted 8/3 by Rob Enderle at TechNewsWorld
After the Windows 10 migration that came out at the end of July, writer Rob Enderle gives readers the update on the raging battle between Apple and Microsoft. Rob says that the best part about the new product is that it runs on tablets, PCs, as well as smartphones. Therefore, it has the potential to be “a secure, fully featured desktop client — with power that would scale from simple tasks to full-on workstation performance — that would fit in your pocket.” Click the link above to learn more.

2. An outside-in view on IT management posted on 8/13 by Pete Bartolik at The Enterprisers Project
Pete Bartolik interviewed Douglas Brown, CIO of NetSuite, on how he manages his IT team. Douglas holds a dual role as both the CIO of NetSuite and senior vice president of Engineering Operations which allows him to work on the inside as well as the outside. Douglas said many inspiring things but when you come down to it, “We [NetSuite] have interesting problems and great engineers. Once you have those key elements, you just have to have the discipline to give them space and room to innovate.”

3. Research team discovers eleven security flaws in popular browsers posted 8/14 by Saul O’Keeffe at ITProportal.
Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing developed a new cyber security analysis method called CAVER that discovered 11 previously unknown Internet browser security flaws. For their efforts they were awarded the Internet Defense Prize. Wenke Lee, professor in the School of Computer Science and an adviser to the team claims it is high time to start seriously addressing the deeply seeded security issues. Are you tackling the right problems?

4. Spammers use real-life events to try to steal your data posted 8/14 by Sead Fadilpašić at ITProportal
Sead Fadilpašić draws our attention to the possible threat of news being our downfall as spammers use such events as the earthquake in Nepal, presidential elections in Nigeria and the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro in 2016 to attract gullible users and extract their personal data. These spam messages range from asking for donations for earthquake victims, to telling the user that the president of NIgeria wants to send them about 2 million dollars. Do yourself a favor and keep up on the times.

5. The security and risk management of shadow IT posted on 8/24 by Robert C. Covington at ComputerWorld.
The story of shadow IT: the enemy you know is better than the one you don’t according to president and founder of, Robert C. Covington. With over 30 years of tech experience, Robert knows those in the information security world face an ongoing battle. He advocates for security awareness, even if you choose to ignore the issues, that is better than not knowing they are even there. Ultimately Rob leaves us with this golden piece of advice: “Bottom line: Work to control the issue of shadow IT before it controls the fate of your job.”

A common theme issuing from a few of these articles is to always stay informed. By checking the sources available to you whether they include social media, online publications, or our monthly blogs, you can stay up to date and ready to take action to solve any problem. Let us know what you think of our selection and if you have any comments, or questions. We would love to get a dialogue going!

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