Top 5 Things You Need To Know in IT News From July

With news flying across our news feeds, inboxes, and phones it is a struggle if not near impossible to catch every story. We at Panorama9 want to make your life that much easier by posting the top 5 stories that we found to be most useful in July. Let us know what you think of our picks. Catch any better ones last month? Let’s get the conversation rolling!

1. RMM software: Should MSPs buy baked-in security? posted by Nicole Lewis on TechTarget
MSPs have the difficult task of always making sure that their security is up to date to defend against the most recent security threats. Therefore when choosing RMM software they must weigh the pros and cons of signing up with RMM software with baked-in security features or buying security software separately and putting it in themselves.

2. Password management gets cloudy for SMBs posted on 7/10 by Boris Jabes on ITProportal
For small to medium sized businesses password protection is old news, but with all the use of cloud and new integrations that many employees decide to bring in to the company,it is getting increasingly harder. Boris tells us that now it is more important than ever to step up the password game because “on average individuals maintain passwords for more than 25 web apps they use for work. And the stakes for SMBs are higher than ever, as nearly 80 per cent of cloud apps and services contain sensitive, regulated or company confidential data.”

3. Survey Says, ‘Show Your IT Team a Little Love’ posted on 7/16 by Noreen Seebacher and Dom Nicastro at CMSWire
The Puppet Lab’s 2015 State of DevOps Survey shows the relationship between a happy IT team and the success of its company and how when one flourishes, so does the other. The study tells us that, “high performing IT organizations deploy code 30 times more frequently and 200 times faster… than their lower-performing peers.” So make sure you give your hardworking IT team a hug, they deserve it.

4. Masters of Machines II – lifting the fog of ignorance in IT management posted on 7/3 by Bob Tarzey at ComputerWeekly
In 2014 Quocirca published a research report looking at the value that European countries were deriving from operational intelligence. Another one was published in June of 2015 called Masters of Machines II that looks at changing priorities of European IT managers. Bob notes that in particular, this study looks at, “how cost-related concerns have dropped away with improving economic conditions in most European countries, whilst concerns around the customer experience, data chaos, inflexible IT monitoring and, in particular, IT security, have all risen.”

5. Track down the right IT asset management system posted by Clive Longbottom on TechTarget
Clive tells us that through shadow IT and bring-your-own-device policies, it has gotten messy for IT management to do a good job and without rigorous asset and lifecycle management it can be hard to be sure what devices are in their dominion. The ultimate IT asset management system should hit 3 main targets: completeness; granularity; reportability. Click the link above to learn more about all three.

Let us know what you think of our selection and if you have any comments, or questions. We would love to get a dialogue going!

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