Top 5 Things You Need To Know in IT News From June

With news flying across our news feeds, inboxes, and phones it is a struggle if not near impossible to catch every story. We at Panorama9 want to make your life that much easier by posting the top 5 stories that we found to be most useful in June. Let us know what you think of our picks. Catch any better ones last month? Let’s get the conversation rolling!

1. Google cloud strategy focuses on analyzing big data posted on 6/1 by Sharon Gaudin at ComputerWorld
Brian Stevens, Google’s vice president of cloud platform, revealed that the company’s cloud strategy is “not just about lifting and shifting servers and such” to mimic Amazon. Instead, Google is taking advantage of cloud computing to provide analytics tools that help businesses gather data about their customers.

2. Demand shaping vs. demand management: Making IT count in the digital era posted on 6/5 by Linda Tucci at TechTarget
At the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, CIOs from Staples and Charles Schwab explained how businesses can shift IT demand to match their supply rather than the other way around. An obstacle to this challenge is the gap between business and IT, which IT providers can bridge by giving different facets of businesses technical knowledge and communicating the costs of different IT options to potential customers.

3. What MSPs Can Learn About Sales From Copier/Printer Companies posted on 6/12 by Pedro Pereira at MSPmentor
Mike Cullen, VP of worldwide sales and business strategy for MSP tools provider SolarWinds N-able, shares what he has learned from converting copier and printer businesses into MSPs, including how MSPs can more successfully sell their services with a recurring fee business model.

4. Microsoft now considers the Ask toolbar as malware posted on 6/13 by Justin Luna at Neowin
Microsoft has flagged the Ask toolbar cluttering up many browsers as malware. Software like Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials now remove older versions of the toolbar because, according to Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center, they can limit users’ control over a search provider and prevent them from changing its settings.

5. The Private Cloud is for Suckers posted 6/19 by Matt Asay at InfoWorld
Managers are turning to private cloud more and more and according to Stephen O’Grady’s report What is OpenStack?, it is not only a growing trend but inevitable that private infrastructure is where the cloud is heading. However, Matt Asay uses O’Grady’s points to prove that it is redundant to race the ever growing public cloud. Asay encourages managers to listen to their developers and “learn how to use the public cloud to drive new business opportunities and increase development agility.”

Let us know what you think of our selection and if you have any comments, or questions. We would love to get a dialogue going!

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