Top 5 Things You Need To Know in IT News From May

With news flying across our news feeds, inboxes, and phones it is a struggle if not near impossible to catch every story. We at Panorama9 want to make your life that much easier by posting the top 5 stories that we found to be most useful this month. Let us know what you think of our picks. Catch any better ones this month? Let’s get the conversation rolling!

1. Google Backs Rival of Docker, the Cloud’s Next Big Thing posted on 5/04 by Cade Metz at WIRED
While many companies are getting behind Docker for cloud computing, Google and other big name companies have been choosing to back other alternatives. Google has decided to go with a Silicon Valley startup CoreOS and has helped to support their open source project called Rocket. However, Google also offers its own cloud computing services via Amazon and was the first big-name cloud company to support Docker. To read more click the link above.

2. Where The Cloud Is Heading for MSPs posted 5/08 by Michael Brown at MSPmentor
According to the RightScale 2015 State of The Cloud Report, the next step in cloud computing for MSPs is in implementing hybrid cloud strategies that use both private and public clouds. However, the public cloud-only crowd may be infringing on the private cloud-only crowd’s market share, though the private cloud is still the preferred means for running enterprise-class applications.

3. IT Management: Are You Old School Or New School? posted 5/11 by Kong Yang on Informationweek
Kong argues the pros and cons of old school know-how and new school IT policy. The new school IT management is being driven by agility, availability and scalability. However the old school IT has the know-how, and can automate and orchestrate at scale. Ultimately what matters most is the application, and it is the bringing together of both the old school know-how and new school IT policies.

4. The Best Defence Against Cyber Crime? Get Your Employees on Board posted on 5/15 by Charles Orton-Jones on ITProPortal
To put is simply, Charles says, “computers don’t steal information, people do.” According to the Online Trust Alliance, a third of all data breaches in the first half of 2014 came from an internal source and 90 percent of that was preventable. The study compares the views and findings between baby boomers and millennials. Ultimately to save and protect a company’s data you must make that protection part of the company culture.

5. Should central IT butt out of information management? posted 5/18 by Ben Rossi on InformationAge
Today the consumerization of IT has increased the expectations for efficiency and speed much too high for what it is in actuality. How long would it take you to find a presentation from a year ago? Or find a specific tweet? Ben tells IT professionals to lose the obsession with control and make it all about the user in order to be the most efficient IT worker.

A common theme issuing from a few of these articles is to always stay informed. By checking the sources available to you whether they include social media, online publications, or our monthly blogs, you can stay up to date and ready to take action to solve any problem. Let us know what you think of our selection and if you have any comments, or questions. We would love to get a dialogue going!

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