Mr. IT Server Responsible, here’s how to sleep through the night!

Do you know that feeling of managing lots of clients’ servers? Naturally, the servers always fail to respond when you’re asleep and don’t want to be wakened up!

Simple alerts don’t always cut it

Saving the IT server responsible guy's sleep at nightFor some odd reason, servers never fail to respond or go black during regular work hours. In most cases, this is great, as it could be very costly having people sitting around waiting for all systems to be back online. Waking up the IT server responsible person during the night is better than paralyzing the entire company. However, it’s not bulletproof. If you are the IT server responsible person, you may not notice an important text message alert until you wake up at 7 a.m. If you’re based on the West Coast, the employees on the East Coast are already in the office and, hence, waiting for the systems to be back up and running.

When something in the network is misfiring, you want to know as soon as possible with as much detail as possible.

You’ve even gone the extra mile and installed special apps that will scrutinize the text message. If these are received and are from certain mobile numbers, your phone will create a high-pitched sound. This mostly works on Android, as it’s a bit more difficult to set it up on an iPhone, not to mention a Blackberry or regular mobile phone (i.e.,duty phone). If you have a regular pager, you’re screwed.

Personal pager alerts to the rescue

This is why a personal pager alert could come in handy. With a personal pager, you receive a call from a dedicated phone number and a physical person who keep on trying to reach you or your colleague. Means: you can silence your phone and only be disturbed by specific numbers that call you in the middle of the night. Say you left your phone in your jacket during a family dinner, or you went to a loud rock concert or some other noisy event where you’re unable to accept a call. How long would it take for someone to discover a breakdown?

In our case, it wouldn’t take long. By setting up certain routines, the Perfect Pager alert will move on to the next number on the list. And it continues until someone picks up the phone and accepts the call, which indicates that the alert is received and someone is taking action.

How IT server responsible guys can set up smart routines

Could you set this up yourself? Most likely, though it would be at an astronomically high cost, as you’d have to set up the hardware and the infrastructure, and have 24/7 manned service desks monitoring the monitors that surveil the servers. Historically, such services have been expensive. However, cloud-based technologies have introduced a much more affordable approach to accommodating MSPs as well as IT departments at larger corporations, even if you are IT server responsible at a multinational or global MSP that never sleeps.

Check out more details about the Perfect Pager and prepare to sleep through the night. As the IT server responsible person, you’ll find this extra-convenient during the holiday season!

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