Überefficient MSP Time Management: Meet Softcom Solutions

As an MSP getting the most out of your time is probably an ongoing issue. Danish MSP, SoftCom Solutions talks about how automated tasks and remotely managed patching improve their time management dramatically. Learn how they do it.

SoftCom Solutions, a large technology service provider based in Denmark, provides 24/7 IT support for more than 100 clients. SoftCom’s customers range from 10-user companies to those with over 250 employees, in a variety of industries that include newspapers and hospitals.

Finding A Way To Automate And Process IT Ticket Workflow

On any given day, SoftCom Solution’s IT team receives hundreds of support tickets from their clients, ranging from quick fix issues to more complex issues that require more time to resolve. The team was dedicating the majority of their day monitoring and prioritizing the tickets, which ate up resources and removed them from completing other critical tasks.

After countless hours of debate and deliberation, SoftCom Solutions came to the conclusion that they were in need of a solution that would allow them to maximize their efficiency and decrease the amount of ticket management time.

And that’s where Panorama9 came into play.

Strong MSP Time Management from combining 2 tools

Improved MSP Time Management by using Panorama9 and AutotaskThe SoftCom Solutions team was quickly running out of hours in the day to monitor and address all the tickets they were receiving. By implementing a ticket management solution – Autotask – they were quickly able to move away from a highly hands-on process to much more automated process. This saved them time, resources, and overall costs in general, while being able to better meet the demands of their customer base.

SoftCom Solutions promptly began to see benefits from combining Panorama9 and Autotask, including:

  • Highly automated incident notification and ticket resolution.
  • Automated device detection and two-way sync of all network-managed devices.
  • Fine-grained control over ticket management.
  • Real-time data sync.

Benefiting From The Right IT Management Tools

After integrating Autotask into Panorama9, SoftCom Solutions experienced a significant decrease in ticket management and overall network administration, leading to more man-hours available, more efficiency with specific tasks related to the ticketing system, and a safer, more secure system overall.

Panorama9 and Autotask’s powerful suite of tools, when used together, create a system that makes IT management seamless and in many cases almost entirely automated.

To learn more about how that works and how to get started, please register for a free trial on panorama9.com.

You are also welcome to read the entire story of SoftCom Solutions.

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