My wish for 2016: Make more with less!

Keep Calm And Narrow Down

It’s 2016, and most of us probably made New Year’s resolutions. I certainly did, now I just have to make sure I stick to it and do it! However, at the dawn of a new year, there’s always a long list of things you want to make sure you do. One of the things on […]

6 MSP Tools to Stay Organized and Prepared in the Cloud

Find some of the best MSP tools to stay organized

In the hectic job of a managed service provider, one failure of the system can cost clients valuable time and money. But MSPs can reduce the chances of this by leveraging cloud tools for task management, customer relationship management, contracts, messaging, and other day-to-day tasks. Here are a few MSP tools for automating and streamlining […]

Don’t Let Replay Attacks De-rail You – All You Need to Know About Replay Attacks

Is your protection fro replay attacks in place?

If you’re developing an web application using authentication or your business uses such a service, you need to be aware of the possible threat of a Replay attack. In Replay attacks, a valid data transmission will be repeated or altered maliciously, which will expose your data to possible theft and corruption. Definitely not something that […]

How to Detect Missing Client Applications

How can you detect missing client applications?

As an administrator or MSP, it’s likely your responsibility to set up new computers. You may have a list of applications that must be installed at a minimum. Knowing if these applications continue to be available can be tricky once the computer is out of your hands and in the hands of its user. And […]

Cloud Security Knowledge – The Secret to Boost Security Levels

The bad news: All your security spendings are wasted. More and more applications become cloud-based and are often left widely open due to lack of security awareness. The good news: The security levels can be improved dramatically with little effort. Read this simple tip and boost your cloud security knowledge.

Three Ways to Ensure MSP Business Growth

Ensuring solid MSP business growth is not always easy. Should you focus on your top line (gross sales, revenue, turnover) or bottom line (net profit, earnings, results) performance or both? Maintaining focus on growing your revenues and your profit is not an easy task. However, it is possible. Here are some tips on how to […]