Panorama9 Publicly Opening its API for Customers and MSPs

Recently, customers have been asking for a way to access their data. They wanted to manipulate, display and aggregate the information being collected by P9 using other IT systems. That’s why we’re making our API public to all users. Starting now, customers are able to import and extract all data pulled by Panorama9 via the newly released API.

The Panorama9 dashboard has always used an API to exchange data between browsers and backend web services. But, until now, it hasn’t been easily available for third parties to use. Previously, customers had to ask for their manually exported data, or copy and paste the information from our reports to an Excel spreadsheet.

Panorama9 open API launchWith our latest API, we make a lot more information available and in a form more effective for developers. The technology behind our data is the same, but with the API, the data is easier to extract and use.

If you use Panorama9 as an Asset Management tool our new API may be as sent from heaven. You are now able to pull whatever data that Panorama9 currently has on your assets and import these to whatever DB tool you might have like (SQL, MySQL, Finance systems etc.).

The API will be a direct access to the data stored in P9. We plan to continue the API development and also allow write access. You can use the API to:

    • create an issue and associate it with a device
    • use P9 to notify admin and ticket systems

You can read instructions for enabling the API here and view the full API documentation here. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have regarding the use of our API on our support page.

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