Our Perfect Pager is Now Available for a Fixed Fee

Back in 2013, we launched our Perfect Pager to make sure our MSP customers can get the message immediately about any problems in their networks and respond accordingly. We know how important it is for MSPs to attend to their customers in a timely manner, so we provide as many notification options as possible to alert them of critical failures and outages.

How Perfect Pager works

Users get a call from one of our employees whenever their network goes down, so if they’re sleeping or in any other position where they might not see a text or email, they don’t have to miss the chance to respond. We contact customers within 20 minutes of an outage no matter where they are (including internationally) and can try backup numbers if the first person doesn’t pick up.

Perfect pager now available at fixed price
Previously, we charged for Perfect Pager per device, so our customers didn’t always know in advance how much the service would cost them. But now, we’re offering the service at a fixed fee of under $100/month for all MSP clients’ servers, so notifications from a real person are more affordable than ever and the cost will be apparent in advance.

If you are interested in purchasing Perfect Pager, you can read more about the service here or reach out to sales@panorama9.com.

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