Why a Powerful RMM Platform is a Must to Get The Daily Show on Air

Keeping track of multiple clients in a cloud-based RMM platform has multiple benefits. Control Group — an MSP whose clients include Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report — talks in this article about those benefits and how they relieve some stress.

Got a minute? That’s all it takes to install Panorama9. From there, agents are deployed to all a client’s network devices, where they send encrypted data to the Panorama9 system in the cloud. The generated reports are then displayed on the Panorama9 Reporting Console.

With its advanced Zendesk integration, Panorama9 also gives you the ability to keep track of multiple clients through a single help desk account. Issues are automatically detected and solved around the clock—with regular reports generated—and the trickier bits are fielded to the MSP as alerts.

This particular compatibility with Zendesk, combined with cloud-based monitoring, was exactly what MSP Control Group needed.

Control Group meets Panorama9

The Enterprise Services team at Control Group provides technology strategy, systems architecture, and 24/7 support to a diverse roster of clients. Among the best-known clients are Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report as well as Gagosian Gallery’s twelve locations spread across three continents. To say this MSP had its plate full before Panorama9 is putting it lightly. Because growth had surpassed the capabilities of the current RMM platform, Control Group’s engineers were sorting through hundreds—sometimes thousands—of e-mail alerts each day. With that, of course, came the risk of overlooking critical issues.

Control Group created a list of requirements for its overdue upgrade, including:
flexible ticketing, simple installation across platforms to accommodate its clients’ mix of environments, and ease of use.

In addition, a cloud-based solution was a must for the new RMM platform. This was a hard lesson learned after a whole week of downtime caused by superstorm Sandy.

We wanted to make sure we could help our clients when they needed us most,”

explained Alex Perez, systems analyst.

Today, Control Group’s wish list has been met thanks to Panorama9. With the ability to set alert filters and thresholds, its staff are no longer buried in issue tickets and can focus on the more critical problems. Also, there’s peace of mind knowing the cloud-based IT management software remains active even when the power goes out.

Panorama9 is easy to use, makes us more productive, and gives us everything we need to work remotely,

said Perez.

Growing the future with the RMM Platform

The ability of a cloud-based RMM Platform to integrate with a wide range of partners and programs has a definite appeal to MSPs like Control Group.

At Panorama9 we are realistic. We can’t master everything, so it makes a lot of sense to integrate with different partners. We would like MSPs to prioritize our road map for us. At the end of the day, it’s our clients who are driving the product line. Any input or suggestions? Please get in touch with us.

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