Panorama9 Is Now Supported by Google’s Secure Single Sign-On via SAML

Finding the right blend between protecting employee logins while not making it too complicated to access and use a cloud-based tool is not an easy task. However, Google Identity does a good job, and now you can use Google for Work as the identity provider for your Panorama9 account.

Millions of businesses rely on Google to protect employee logins to Google services like Drive and Gmail. They just added Panorama9 to the list of applications that can now be accessed easily and securely through Google Identity. Basically, we teamed up with Google because it’s among the best security options for single sign-on out there.

Set up Single Sign-On via SAML in 5 minutes

If you and your team already use Google for Work for other SaaS or IT applications, you will find it really easy to access Panorama9. This article on the Google Apps help desk briefly guides you through the few steps it takes to enable single sign-on via SAML for the Panorama9 application.

The un-evil folks at Google wrote this piece on the new possibilities for single sign-on via SAML. It also covers enhanced security options for mobile devices.

We hope you this will make your life a bit easier and more secure.

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