The Cloud Revolution: What MSPs Can Learn from Uber, Airbnb and Alibaba

One of the most circulated quotes on the web this year came from Tom Goodwin, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at Havas Media. The quote, shown below, describes the business model of several successful companies, one that demonstrates how producing and storing goods or offering services benefits the bottom line much less then merely distributing goods or facilitating services provided by others. Uber, Airbnb, and Alibaba are companies nailing it in this regard. Your MSP could nail it, too.

Cloud revolution - business models are changing because of cloud technologies

Goodwin’s words capture how business is changing in general and emphasize the importance of the customer interface. They also remind one of how the IT industry has progressed over the past decades.

The Cloud Revolution

“Revolution” is a strong but appropriate word when it comes to the computing world. It appears often in reference to what’s been happening since the first mainframes went into operation. After the client-server era, Microsoft revolutionized the industry with personal computers. We are now in the midst of what some consider a mobile revolution. Today, it’s also fair to say there is a cloud revolution going on.

That thought is buttressed by Goodwin’s quote. None of the companies mentioned could exist without a strong IT infrastructure and powerful cloud computing technologies. It’s not so much about owning anymore. What clients are looking for is distribution and quick access to needed information.

Specifically, your clients don’t care about which parts of the value chain you control. Nor are they interested in whether you manage your own server park or outsource to a huge data center! What matters is that your service is reliable and that your interaction with customers is so valuable that you become and stay their first point of contact. Having effective MSP tools for the cloud can help establish and maintain such relationships.

Why MSPs Should Embrace the Cloud

Entering the cloud era still elicits fear in quite a few MSPs. This is not strange at all. If you are used to getting your hands dirty in the server rack, it feels like giving up control when you switch to a cloud-based solution. If you’ve relied on hardware from certain vendors for decades, it takes some nerve to begin depending on someone else.

The same goes for the tools you use to manage clients’ IT security. Can you be 100% sure everything works when patch management happens from a remote location?

Goodwin’s quote suggests there is no need to worry. Today, modern cloud technologies are so reliable and mature that they have helped transform entire business areas. Of particular benefit is how they enable you to drive income from a managed services model and, best of all, give you more bandwidth to serve your customers better and scale your business.

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