Top 5 Things You Need To Know in IT News from April

With news flying across our news feeds, inboxes, and phones it is a struggle if not near impossible to catch every story. We at Panorama9 want to make your life that much easier by posting the top 5 stories that we found to be most useful in April. Let us know what you think of our picks. Catch any better ones last month? Let’s get the conversation rolling!

1. A Hacker’s-Eye View of the Internet of Things posted on 4/7 by Arik Hesseldahl at Re/code
The folks from Veracode security company took it upon themselves to test the vulnerabilities that IoT devices face when dealing with hackers. What they found shocked writer Arik Hesseldahl at Recode into following up with a few of the IoT devices, specifically IoT devices connected to our homes.

2. The critical 48 hours: how to mitigate the damage from a cyber-attack posted on 4/12 by Andy Settle on ITProPortal
Just like in a missing persons case, the next 48 hours after your organization has been hacked is the most crucial time to respond. First and foremost wise up to the threat and don’t be naive. Regular screenings help notify you of vulnerabilities and allow you to act quickly. Secondly, remember threats come not only from the outside but the inside as well. Finally, buddy up with an external party, over two thirds of attacks are noticed by external parties.

3. Hybrid Cloud Push ‘Largely Economic,’ Study Shows posted 4/13 by Dan Kobialka at Talkin’ Cloud
A recent study released by Canadian Internet hosting services provider Peer 1 Hosting, reveals the fall in use of on premise and private cloud hosting among IT decision-makers and the rise in the use of the hybrid cloud due to economic reasons. So why hasn’t the hybrid cloud really soared? Peer 1’s vice president of product says that security and data protection is what is holding the hybrid cloud back.

4. How to Build a Killer Cloud Brand posted 4/20 on The Var Guy
When building a killer cloud brand just remember these key takeaways: 1) put your best foot forward and make a good first impression for potential customers. 2) Harness the power of thought leadership; get you and your team out into the community by commenting on others’ works or blogging. 3) Toot your own horn (loudly) and drive business the direction you want to go. For more insight make sure to click above!

5. MSP business model: How to achieve the perfect revenue mix posted 4/23 by John Moore on TechTarget
John Moore discusses a study put out by Autotask that tries to determine the best revenue mix for MSP business. The answer to MSPs leading revenue-producing offerings: break/fix and IT project work– along with managed services.A common theme issuing from a few of these articles is to always stay informed. By checking the sources available to you whether they include social media, online publications, or our monthly blogs, you can stay up to date and ready to take action to solve any problem.

Let us know what you think of our selection and if you have any comments, or questions. We would love to get a dialogue going!
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